The UPC RFID label manufacturing and printing process includes the following steps.

Manufacturing and printing UPC RFID

  • Labels Label design: First, it is necessary to design UPC RFID labels with necessary information such as barcodes, product codes, product names, manufacturing company names, addresses, specifications. packaging, expiry date, etc. 
  • Choose the type of label: It is necessary to choose the type of label that matches the requirements of the product, including size, color, material, core material (if any), durability and readability of the label.
  • Label printing: After designing the label, it is necessary to print the label according to the required quantity. There are many methods of printing labels, including direct thermal printing, thermal transfer printing, and inkjet printing.
    Set up barcodes and product numbers: Before printing labels, it is necessary to set up barcodes and product numbers to ensure the accuracy and independence of data.
    Attach an RFID chip: If necessary, an RFID chip should be attached to the label to help track information about products, inventory management, and shipping.
  • Label cutting: After printing is completed, the label needs to be cut to the required size and shape.
    Packaging and Shipping: Finally, the UPC RFID label will be packaged and shipped to the manufacturer or retailer for use.
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