Participating in the Jakarta Trade Fair in Indonesia.

Participating in the Jakarta Trade Fair in Indonesia

Komax Indonesia Co., Ltd. participated in a booth displaying high-tech printed products at the Jakarta Trade Fair, also known as the Jakarta International Expo, which is an annual trade fair held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The fair attracts exhibitors from various industries, including automotive, construction, food and beverage, textiles, among others.

As for the parts that normally participate in the fair, it depends on the focus of the event and the industries on display. However, government agencies such as the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy often participate in the fair to promote Indonesia’s trade and investment opportunities.

Private companies and industry associations are also featured exhibitors at the Jakarta Trade Fair. For example, the Indonesian Textile and Apparel Association (API) and the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo) are two industry associations that often participate in fairs to showcase the latest products and technologies in their respective fields.

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