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Digital transformation has changed the world in recent decades, and there is every indication that it will accelerate even more in the years to come, with RFID playing a key enabling role. The Internet of Things (IoT) has begun to connect billions of complex devices and sensors to create smarter homes, retail stores, buildings, cities, factories and even farms. But if you look at the total number of products made, moved, sold, used and recycled, most of them aren’t connected, don’t have a digital life. They are in an ‘offline black hole’, not visible or accessible for digital transformation.

Our vision? A unique digital identity for every item, everywhere – a digital twin, a digital personality, a means of connectivity, and a portal to a digital brand universe.

Innovating the future with RFID

All connected to provide unmatched value-added services driving up efficiencies, lowering costs as well as enabling higher sales and profit margins. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the most cost-effective wireless digital ID technology capable of broadening the scope of the IoT to trillions of simple everyday items, enabling businesses, organizations and consumers to identify, authenticate, track, sense and engage with each item seamlessly. Proven by having connected tens of billions of items over the past few years, RFID is now ready to connect the trillions to come. To learn more about creating a connected future with an RFID ecosystem, read RFID for brands and enterprise customers, RFID for system integrators, or RFID for converters and service bureaus. Or, if you are interested in technology, go to RFID Technology Basics and our Glossary for a definition of RFID industry terms and acronyms.

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