Provided packaging for Walmart Apparel RFID

Approved to manufacture & supply all kinds of Available Packaging such as: “Sticker labels, hang tags, care and content labels, inserts, booklet tags, belly bands, paperboard boxes, heat seals & heat transfers, polybags, sublimations, paper hangers, blank sticker rolls, RFID QC counters, In Plant Printing (IPP) solutions” by Walmart. Komax Vietnam has produced nearly 2 million packages for Walmart Apparel RFID.

Line cutting – Designed by Komax Vietnam

Walmart – the pride of Americans – is known as one of the world’s leading retail brands: more than 11,000 stores, 2 million employees, presence in 24 countries and an annual revenue of approximately 570 billion USD. The above numbers demonstrate the capacity and influence of Walmart.

With the famous motto: “Sell the best products at the lowest possible price”.

Founder Sam Walton and his associates have grown Walmart from a small store into a global corporation.

Walmart is famous for its motto of selling products at low prices, which has been talked about a lot and almost everyone knows. But the question is how can Walmart keep prices low for more than 60 years in business and still be competitive with other names in the market? In this article, Vu will accompany readers to find the answer to the above question, through analyzing Walmart brand strategy.

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