RFID and digital ID for logistics

Logistics lie at the very heart of RFID’s big promise: To drive efficiencies across the supply chain and make it possible to automatically see every product at every stage of its journey from source to recipient. It is therefore no wonder that digital ID technologies have a huge impact on logistics, from optimizing truck loads and asset management to accelerating overall supply-chain performance and ultimately increasing margins.

Benefits for manufacturers, distributors and retailers

Komax engineers cost-effective digital ID technologies that provide end-to-end inventory and item-tracking solutions for increased accuracy, visibility and security, starting at the point of manufacture. Their end-to-end track-and-trace capabilities reduce counterfeiting, theft, billing disputes and charge-back fees while protecting the brand. The ability to gather specific data such as manufacturing location, shipment date and lot number associated with the individual product, carton and/or pallet supports simpler and more effective recall and product tracking processes.

Monitoring temperature-sensitive goods

As the demand for global industrial logistics grows, temperature-controlled applications are rapidly evolving in parallel, leaving the last mile as the weakest link within the supply chain. Avery Dennison has developed innovative products and solutions for sensing temperature and moisture levels, indicating or logging temperatures over time and providing authenticity and traceability information.
  • At a glance: typical applications
  • Item tracking and tracing
  • Supply-chain process optimization
  • Cold-chain management (food, drugs, chemicals…)

Follow the journey with atma.io connected product cloud: A parcel delivered with care

atma.io enables products to become direct communication channels with customers by turning them into digital platforms. With atma.io’s potential for end-to-end supply chain transparency, customers can see the full journey of their parcel: From the front line worker who packaged it at source, to its full journey from distribution to their doorstep, knowing it was safely handled each step of the way.

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