Our Effort

Prevention is the most environmentally preferable means to reducing waste. We practice reducing or eliminating paper and ink use so that the potential for paper and ink to be used inefficiently or disposed is prevented in the first place.
Recovery is the practice of collecting paper waste to produce recycled paper. Majority of recovered paper originates from the business and industrial sectors. We are pleased to join local recy cling programs in our facilities to accomplish paper recovery.


The greyboard (the rigid board in sections under the paper to create the underlying structure of the box) is 100% recycled. All boxes are manufactured from mostly recycled materials that account for approx 90% of the product by weight.
Offering custom molded pulp insert, this is an ecological packaging solution as it is made from a variety of fibrous materials such as recycled paper, cardboard or other natural fibers (such as sugarcane, bamboo), after its useful life cycle, it can be recycled again.


All our facilities are capable of printing using soy ink. Soy ink is a ink made from soybeans. As opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is better because it is A) more environmentally friendly B) available in brighter colors C) improves the life span of
the printers D) makes it easier to recycle paper and E) more economic in the long run.
Soy ink is a helpful component in paper recycling because it can be removed more easily than regular ink from paper during the de-ink ing process. This allows the recycled paper to have less damage to its paper fibers and have a brighter appearance. The waste that is left from the soy ink during the de-inking process is not hazardous and it can be treated easily through the evelopment on modern processes.


All our facilities are capable of doing different types of finishing: UV coating, varnish coating, aqueous coating and laminating. Among all, aqueous coating is more environmentally friendly option.
Water-based aqueous coatings are most commonly used coatings available and provide good protection from fingerprints and other blemishes. They are shinier, smoother, have higher abrasion and rub resistance and are less likely to yellow.

Zero Waste

With supply chain transparency, material management and implementation, we work closely not only with our plants but our material suppliers.

Add value not only to our customer's products,
but ultimately to their customer's buying experience.

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