Challenges in management and operations


Difficulty in inventory: Inventory of the total warehouse is very difficult, due to the large number of products. Implementing with barcodes will take a lot of time and effort during periodic inventory rounds.

No support for loss control: Regarding goods, the management of goods leaving the warehouse that are not included in any delivery orders is done manually, with no support tools.

It takes a lot of time and effort to search for goods: When needing to find a product, employees search manually and visually observe. There is no tool to support employees to find products faster.

There is no mechanism to automatically control the goods rotation process: Warehouse warehousing – warehousing – transfer is still done based on manual counting and signing confirmation records. When errors occur, there is no way to post-check to find the cause.

Unable to regularly and continuously update actual inventory data: Because inventorying at the general warehouse is time-consuming and risky during the counting process. It will be very difficult in case management wants to know the exact actual inventory data at any given time.

Lack of real-time high-level alerts and consolidated reports: To be able to make immediate decisions regarding production and sales. Senior management needs to have real-time overviews of goods data, warnings about unusual conditions of goods such as running out of stock, out-of-season inventory, etc.

Proposed plan

Apply RFID technology to optimize warehouse management, inventory, sales process, increase customer experience and support asset loss control.

Integrate features of the RFID system and contents that need to be integrated with ERP and POS systems.

The new system synchronizes product information from production to sales. The system is capable of expanding in both scale and scope without changing the original design.

Count goods accurately and quickly

Automatic control

Quick search

Quick inventory

Fast payment

Analyze customer behavior

A system model

Mobile Reade – Perform asset information scans and inventory checks.
Fixed reader – Helps the system automatically record automatic import/export.
RFID printe – Print additional RFID tags and labels when there is a need to affix new assets.
Wireless infrastructure – Serves for streaming information about assets and materials from mobile readers to a centralized database.
WMS/EAM/ERP Software – Available functions and general process flow are determined by your management software. Multiple applications, modular and can be expanded with additional functions such as real-time transactions, integration into ERP systems.

  Value brought

  •     Enhance visibility and accessibility of merchandise, leading to higher sales
  •     Improve supply chain processes, maintain less and safer inventory
  •     Build sales campaigns according to different profit margin goals thanks to the ability to quickly restock shelves
  •     Enhance customer experience by spending less time on manual tasks and more time with customers
  •     Provide effective multi-channel services thanks to accuracy and transparency of goods data
  • Inventory accuracy


    Shorten inventory time


    Inventory decreased


    The ratio of space for arranging goods increases


    Increase pickup speed


    The rate of loss and loss of goods is reduced


    Logistics costs are reduced


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