Flip lid promotional boxes

Main feature

Custom printed gift box with lid for products or food

Flip lid promotional boxes are a great way to package up your products for sale, whether they are food, clothes, business cards or any retail item. The rectangle gift boxes with lids create a special unboxing moment that increases the recipient’s anticipation and subsequent satisfaction with the product or gift.

They can be fully personalised to speak for you, in terms of size, colours, images and wordings. Thus, you can ensure that your custom gift boxes with lids reflect your own style or your company branding.

Gift box with lid – Format and sizes

When customising your rectangle gift boxes with lids, you can choose from 12 different widths, ranging from 8 cm to 22 cm; the depth will then be generated automatically. They all have the same rectangular shape, which makes them a popular choice for a number of different products such as cupcake boxes, shop packaging or any retail product which could be boxed up and prepared for sale.

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