RFID and digital ID for media and document management

Whether your organization deals with important documents and files, is a public library or global business, Komax’s RFID-based digital ID solutions ensure that you have unprecedented real-time visibility of all of your assets at any time.

RFID is much more accurate and efficient than barcode technology, which means that important documents and files are much easier to trace and manage. The net result is greater end-to-end visibility, resulting in less time and money spent on searching for lost items or misfiled documents.

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So, what does that mean in practice?

Fast and efficient, RFID scores an “A” for librarye

RFID helps tame the paper chase for a leading South Korean university library.

At MovieQ automated entertainment rental stores, RFID technology is the star

MovieQ’s RFID-enabled pick-and-place robotic solution enables California consumers to direct their own movie and game rental experience.

World’s largest file-tracking system goes live

Probably the largest RAIN RFID-enabled file-tracking system in the world has been launched in Doha, Qatar, using Smartrac’s Dogbone® inlays exclusively.

Reliability and enhanced customer experience

By utilizing RFID to automate the issue and return of books, CDs/DVDs and other media, library systems and their customers benefit from increased circulation due to the elimination of time-consuming manual handling processes. Even self-check-out and automated check-in services for multiple books can easily be achieved.
As a result, RFID-driven automation enables library staff members to focus on customer service and guidance, leading to a much improved customer experience.

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