Custom Hangtags & Price Tickets to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Hangtags and price tickets reveal a tremendous amount about a product or garment. They also say a lot about the brands they represent. Our branding team partners with you to design and create products that meet unique brand image requirements and quality standards, while delivering the information needed to drive sales.

Our global footprint of production sites and manufacturing facilities ensures product consistency and short lead times, no matter what materials or forms are selected. Our global IT team ensures the data integrity of all ticketing products using our cutting-edge E-Platform technology. Finally, for brands embracing RFID, our hangtags and price tickets can be produced with RFID inlays, either integrated inside or attached to hangtags as a sticker.

Key Features of Hangtags & Price Tickets:

  • Engage customers with original brand messaging
  • Use a variety of sustainable materials and forms
  • Achieve global consistency of quality and color
  • Achieve data accuracy through advanced technology
  • RFID and QR code technology enabled

Brand Identification Solutions

Our brand identification solutions include everything your brand needs to
ensure global consistency in design, color, material usage, and data carriage.

Our product portfolios provide a full range of business solutions that address your brand’s unique functional, aesthetic, identity, sustainability, and security needs.

From design and printing to tagging and shipping, we manage the entire label manufacturing process to ensure the highest product quality.

Our global in-house production capabilities and localized services allow us to deliver consistent, high-quality labels and accessories within short lead times. 

Our in-house creative design experts work as an extension of your team to design packaging products that distinguish your brand.

E-Platform Data Management System

Manage and streamline the complete ordering fulfillment process between brands and manufacturers, while obtaining a single source of truth for data integrity and orders visibility.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

RFID label sometimes called smart label contains an RFID inlay

RFID label sometimes called smart label contains an RFID inlay inside that enables it to communicate using radio waves the unique item level identification.

Retailers and brand owners use RFID labels to assign

Retailers and brand owners use RFID labels to assign each item a unique identification number.  RFID readers can read multiple RFID labels at the same time, so RFID improves inventory accuracy, traceability, & product authentication.

Label converters manufacture RFID labels in all sizes

Label converters manufacture RFID labels in all sizes and shapes which can be pre-printed with product information and branding and encoded at RFID Service Bureau or printed in-plant using an RFID printer

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